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We have used Rumley Law for preparing trusts and a will, durable power of attorneys, and medical directives over a period of some 10 years. Rumley Law currently is handling probate for a deceased parent. In the near future, we use the services of Rumley Law for the preparation of another trust. Attorney Darrel Rumley is quite competent and efficient. While he handles matters very professionally, he also does so with compassion and personal attention.


I have known Daryl for many years and he is always the same. He really listens, he’s respectful and kind. He has a quiet and relaxed way about him, which lessens the normal nerves one might have. He’s clear and concise and very thorough. He makes sure all bases are covered and that one truly understands the process. He is clearly a man of integrity and I wholeheartedly recommend him to one and all.


We had a great experience with this Law Office. They are very friendly to you from the time you walk into the office until you leave.


We had no idea where to turn to set up our wills and trust. Darrel was great: hearing our questions and concerns. We are very happy with the results of our moderately complex wills and trust. We were able to take the time we needed to discuss our issues with him and between each other. The cost was reasonable.


My Experience at the Law Office of Darrel C Rumley is truly exceptional and positive. I will recommend this office to friends and family as well.


Our experience with Mr. Rumley was excellent. He was very patient with us. On the first visit, he explained what a trust is and does, gave us our options and then sent us home to think about what is best for our circumstances. The next appointment he then listened to our wishes and requirements and created our will and trust. we appreciated his clear explanations of our questions and that he carefully listed to us. Would highly recommend his legal service.


I had my trust updated by Mr. Rumley.  It was done in a very businesslike manner at a very fair price.


I felt I was dealt with in an honest and professional way. My questions were answered to my satisfaction. I do plan to use Darrel Law Office again.


Darrell Rumley was just the right person to help guide me through legal questions. He handled everything in exactly the way we originally discussed and successfully negotiated a positive outcome. I highly recommend him for your legal issues.


We appreciated not being pressured and being counseled and guided accurately in the bankruptcy process. We were counseled and prepared appropriately and so when it was all over we were pleased with the legal process we went though. It was also totally confidential as well. The impact on our personal well being has been very positive.


I didn’t know what to expect when I went to the office. I was made to feel comfortable and everything was explained to me. They asked a lot of questions and filled in my necessary paperwork with great detail. I received emails when I needed to come in to the office or fill in more paperwork.


Darrel made me feel very comfortable in his office and answered all of my questions concerning my legal subject matter.


We went to Mr. Rumley in 2010 to negotiate a Ch 13 bankruptcy. He was extremely knowledgeable and his assistance was expert. Throughout the process he was available by email and in person if we ran into problems or had questions. We retired in 2012 and he helped us renegotiate the bankruptcy and we were even able to purchase a home again. We are finished with our payments now and grateful to have it behind us. We are grateful to Mr. Rumley for his kind assistance and expertise. We highly recommend him as an honest lawyer.


Mr. Rumley was very thorough yet kind through a stressful time. He made us feel very comfortable with our decision.


Thank you. I appreciate your guidance and compassion very much. This has not been easy for me.


I initially contacted Rumley Law almost 5 years ago for a Bankruptcy Case and after speaking with him, I had NO doubt that I would be in good hands. My case was handled professionally and quickly and I was kept apprised the entire time. Recently, I had need to contact Rumley Law again to request some specific information that I needed right away. Not only did they remember me, but they very quickly provided me the information I needed. Thank you again.


Thank you for all your help. After listening to the attorney before us yesterday we are so thankful we chose someone who knew what they were doing!


Like a lot of families, we had been battling tough economic times for the last couple years. We were faced with a wage garnishment from an old creditor and had no where else to turn. My wife and I called Darrel Rumley and he educated us on our options. We found that a chapter 13 Bankruptcy was our best choice. Darrel is honest, calming and extremely efficient. He was able to gather our information and file just in time to stop the wage garnishment. He was able to get our family back on track, living comfortably for the first time. We are very lucky to have met Darrel and would recommend his services to anyone.


I wanted to thank you and tell you that I appreciate everything that you have done for me in processing my bankruptcy filing. The hardest part so far was my initial reluctance to pick up the phone and call you for help. I had been referred to you by my accountant, but initially I was too afraid/embarrassed/nervous to make that first call. You have treated me with respect and I appreciate the very thorough way that you have explained the process step by step. You make it easy to ask questions and I always know what to expect. This has been a very difficult time and I can’t imagine how much worse my life would be right now if I had not picked up the phone and made that initial appointment. I will be very relieved when I can begin rebuilding my life again. Thank you for helping me work towards that.


Twenty years ago we had to file a Chapter Seven. We never dreamed we’d be in this position again. But we knew the drill and were experienced in the process. Having interviewed three different lawyers, it was clear not all firms are created equal. Why we chose Darrel Rumley over everyone else was simple. Ask a straight forward question and get a straight forward, informed answer. No hype, no hidden costs and no drama. He was totally one hundred percent forthcoming with information- while the other firms were vague in their answers. If you find yourself in this difficult decision, Darrel Rumley makes navigating it much easier!